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Whistler Market Update June 2022

Posted on Jun 15, 2022 in Market Update

Whistler market shows signs of shifting towards a balanced market.

The total dollar volume of sales in Whistler is down almost 20% compared to last year. Contrastingly, the median sale price across all property types has increased by 26% year-over-year. It is evident that listings have been selling more quickly than they were in 2021, with a 56% de...

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Whistler Market Update April 2022

Posted on Apr 07, 2022 in Market Update

The 1st Quarter of 2022 was consistently characterised by low inventory, listings with fewer days on market, less sales and a steady increase in prices. While the median sale price is 35% higher than this time last year, 35% fewer properties have been sold and the total sales volume is sitting 17% lower than 2021. The median sale price of a Whistle...

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Buying Pre-Sale Homes: What You Need to Know!

Posted on Mar 25, 2022 in Buyer Information

Buying Pre-Sale Homes: What You Need to Know!

When you enter into a contract to buy a new home before the construction has begun or during the construction period, this type of transaction is referred to as a ‘pre-sale’. You will enter into a purchase agreement with the developer to complete the transaction at a future date, when the home is comple...

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Whistler Market Update March 2022

Posted on Mar 11, 2022 in Market Update

The trend that we see emerging for Whistler real estate in 2022 is persistently low listing inventory, steadily increasing prices, fewer sales, and a lower overall sales volume. Compared to this time last year, 34% fewer units have sold. Active listings have decreased by almost 50%. Properties are selling a whole lot faster, with the average ‘Days...

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What You Need to Know about Investing in Whistler Real Estate

Posted on Feb 23, 2022 in Buyer Information

Investing in Whistler real estate is most well suited to regular visitors who want a place in Whistler to call home, while also making some rental income to cover your costs of ownership. Your investment in Whistler is mostly a ‘lifestyle investment'!

A quick real estate investor’s guide to Whistler property options: 

  • PHASE I properties offer the bes...

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Whistler Market Update February 2022

Posted on Feb 08, 2022 in Market Update

All-time low listing inventory and strong buyer demand for housing characterised the start of 2022 in Whistler. The shortage of listings resulting in seller’s market conditions continue to put upward pressure on pricing.

Across all property types, total sales dollar volume in January 2022 was just 2% higher than January 2021, despite the total numbe...

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